Next2Friends Launches Interactive Marketing Services

Next2Friends, the mobile social media platform, has released details of its forthcoming Interactive Marketing Services (IMS) solution. Extending social media marketing into the real world, in real time, heralds a new era of opportunity for modern marketers and an innovative way to successfully commercialise social networks and user-generated content (UGC) propositions, the company says.
Next2Friends IMS utilises patent-pending, proprietary mobile technology and blends the proven benefits of online community interaction, social media marketing and traditional offline advertising into a comprehensive, scalable and innovative range of marketing tools. The company says the platform enables companies to target their messages to the right customer, at the right time and in the right place for optimised results and efficiency, delivering a rich set of product and brand advertising solutions that engage communities both online and in the real world.
Our unique approach of combining Internet and mobile interaction has enabled Next2Friends to offer a suite of marketing services that leads consumers from site, to store, to sale, says Next2friends CEO, Roy Shelton.
The tiered suite of services has been structured to provide cost-predictive solutions to advertisers and brands looking to take advantage of this vast new landscape. Baseline packages offer entry-level exposure, while Summit packages incorporate a full range of complementary services and support, including auto ad injection, infomercial uploads and location-based mobile messaging features. The company says it has already signed several contracts, and will be going live next month with a number of confirmed customers.
Next2Friends IMS has been developed with the requirements of key industry sectors in mind, the company says. Retailers and service businesses can deploy promotional incentives and discounts via electronic coupons and vouchers that will target shoppers based on location and profile interests, ultimately driving footfall and sales.
Media and entertainment brands can tap into the viral distribution capabilities of the Next2Friends platform while creating a 360-degree user experience. Bloggers, podcasters and small publishers can use the same features to extend their reach and exposure with audio books, magazines and articles being driven to relevant peoples handsets in real time.
Mobile carriers and content providers can also benefit from the service by engaging new customers via their handsets to provide both free and premium content and services thereby driving increased data/content ARPU and subscriber adoption, while ensuring brand loyalty and advocacy.
Virtual communities are incredibly loyal, yet notoriously difficult to gain traction with, says  Shelton. By delivering relevant, real-time opportunities to interact with brands and offers when people can actually take advantage of them, Next2Friends IMS can help convert interest into involvement, and ultimately purchase.
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