NFC Case Helps US Bank Launch Contactless Payments

New FlexPerks Visa customers in Salt Lake City, Utah and Portland, Oregon, will be the first US Bank customers invited to try the Go Mobile payment system. Eligible customers who opt-in will receive an NFC-enabled case, which works with the iPhone 4 or 4S and the Go Mobile iOS app. The device can then be swiped at any Visa payWave POS station in place of their bank card.

The NFC iPhone case has been developed by DeviceFidelity and also extends the phone’s battery life by more than 50 per cent. It incorporates a certified, secure element embedded into the microNFC card, enabling the phone for payments. The app is secured by bank-grade encryption, passcode protection, zero fraud liability and real-time fraud monitoring.

The service will be rolled out more broadly over the year.