nFluences dealBoard Plays Guess Who with Users Brands

nFluence Media has launched the second version of its dealBoard app, incorporating its Interest Graph technology to present users with deals based on brands they have shown an interest in.

As users like or dislike brands and offers, the app creates anonymous interest graph, or advertar, with categories which reflect what their brand choices suggest about them as a person. This includes traditional demographics like age group and size of household, as well as more personal statements such as you love foreign travel or you are not averse to shoe shopping.

This can be edited or, in version 2.0, viewed as a word cloud, along with a collage of chosen brands. The update also brings social networks sharing of deals, and the option to use location-based services, or fix their location elsewhere.

“We want to see users retake control of their digital presence and leverage their interests for themselves rather than being served what the black box says should be right for them,” says nFluence Media CEO Henry Lawson. “Far too many marketing messages today fall on deaf ears – just take a look at Facebook needing to send 2,000 messages to get a single response. We have created a technology that will improve the relationship between marketers and consumers, to make it a win-win for both parties.”