NFU Turns to Mobile

The National Farmers Union is keeping farmers up to date on the latest Foot and Mouth and Bluetongue outbreaks using text messaging. The NFU is encouraging its members to register their mobile phone number to ensure they receive the latest news alerts.
Currently, the NFU is sending over 12,000 text messages at a time via SMS services company, Esendex.  The text alerts cover areas such as changes to exclusion zones and news from Defra and, if more of its members register, the service will help to ensure that farmers are able to react quickly to news that is relevant to them.
Sending news alerts by text message is the most reliable, fast and cost-effective way of communicating to our members about Bluetongue, Foot and Mouth and other time-sensitive news,” says Huw Hilditch Roberts, Head of NFU membership. Were asking our members to ensure they have provided their mobile phone number, so we can maximise the impact of sharing information by text.”
Members who would like to register for the SMS alerts should call NFU Call First on 0870 845 8458.