NHS In The Mood For iPhone App

While the government stands poised to roll out its  national ‘well being’ index next April, smartphone applications developer Mubaloo has already recorded 1,400 downloads of its app for iPhone and iPod touch in the first few weeks folMoodometer lowing launch, writes Martin Conway.

The first version of the app was produced in conjunction with the 2Gether NHS Foundation Trust, which seeks to promote emotional wellbeing and challenge the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

The Moodometer, which Mubaloo developed for the NHS free of charge, functions as a pocket mood diary, enabling users to enter their current emotional state and keep track of changes in their moods, as well as providing tips and advice on staying upbeat. The location-based app also allows users to monitor the moods of other users in their areas, providing an interesting overview of regional trends – for instance, should bad weather or wintery conditions in a certain area happen to coincide with lower moods.

As well as functioning as a guide for the curious, the app could also play an important role in assisting patients diagnosed with clinical depression, providing their doctors with patterns of mood swings over periods of time.

Gavin Davies, head of communications at 2gether, comments: “Mubaloo responded quickly, and we’re very pleased with the Moodometer app. We see the smartphone as a cost-effective tool that can be used to reach out and connect to our community.”

The Moodometer can be downloaded for free from iTunes, and Mubaloo says that it expects to see 2,000 downloads before the year is out.