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NHS Trusts using Amazon Wish Lists to appeal for product donations

David Murphy

NHS hospitals are turning Amazon Wish Lists to appeal for donations of everyday items during the COVID-19 pandemic, the BBC reports. The Wish List facility on Amazon enables users to flag products they would like others to buy for them.

The report says BBC News has identified more than 10 hospital trusts in England and Wales requesting products for staff and patients. Products requested include hand creams, toothbrushes, razors, deodorants, thermometers and sanitary products, as well as less essential items such as coffee, computer wipes, energy bars and stationery.

Some of the requests specify whether the product is required for a member of staff or a patient. Some also specify why the product is needed, such as toys to entertain sick children in hospital, for example.

A message on South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust’s page says: “This Wish List has been created to help support staff and service-users during the coronavirus outbreak. Help us to provide activities to our isolated patients and to those unable to receive visitors at this time.”

According to the BBC report, a list set up by a charity to gift items to East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust staff has had to pause requests because of the high response rate.

But one NHS employee suggested that, while the kindness and generosity were appreciated, donations would be better directed towards people who have lost their income.