Pokémon Go creator Niantic will release a Harry Potter AR game in 2018

Tyrone Stewart

Harry Potter Wizards UniteGame developer Niantic’s follow-up to Pokémon Go is going to be based on another massively popular franchise with a huge fan base: Harry Potter.

Despite previously denying that it had any plans to make a Harry Potter AR game, Niantic has partnered with Warner Bros. Interactive and WB Games San Francisco’s development team to bring J.K. Rowling’s magical world to life in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which is set to arrive next year.

Like Pokémon Go, the game’s emphasis will be on going out and exploring the real world through a smartphone and its camera. In the game, players learn spells and fight ‘legendary’ beasts – teaming up with others to take down more powerful enemies. Literally, the same as Pokémon Go.

Niantic says the game will leverage the full stack of its platform while giving it the opportunity to create new technology and gameplay mechanics.

We know little else about what to expect from the game at the moment, but it will be interesting to see if the Harry Potter game is the first to include the social element that Niantic promises after its recent acquisition of social animation startup Evertoon.

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