Nielsen Launches Twitter TV Ratings

Nielsen has launched its Twitter TV Ratings, the first measure of the total activity and reach of TV-related conversation on the social network. 

The ratings look at both authors – the number of people tweeting about a programme – and audience – those who actually view the tweets. On average, the Twitter audience for a TV episode is 50 times larger than the number of authors.

There were 19m authors in the US tweeting about live TV during Q2, 2013 – up 24 per cent year-on-year – with a total 263m TV-related tweets over the same period – up 38 per cent.

Breaking Bad was the most tweeted about programme for the week ending 29 September, with 601,000 authors posting a total 1.3m tweets, reaching 9.2m unique viewers. The much-anticipated finale left every other show in the dust – you can see the full chart below.

“The Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings are a powerful measurement with far reaching implications for the industry,” said Steve Hasker, president, global product leadership, Nielsen. “Its exciting that investments are being made to build 360-degree engagement and drive passion from viewers around programming. This holistic measure of how Twitter activity influences TV engagement will bring clarity to the value of those efforts.”

Twitter TV Ratings currently cover 215 English-language TV networks in the US, with Nielsen working on measuring Spanish-language channels.

Nielsen chart