Nielsens Digital Ad Ratings gets viewability measurement in France

Woman eyes mobile smartphone viewabilityA viewability indicator for video and display campaigns has been added to Digital Ad Ratings (DAR), Nielsen’s audience measurement solution for online advertising campaigns, in France. The ‘Qualified Ad Audience’ solution provides understanding of the performance of online advertising campaigns.

As a result, DAR, which is marketed in France by Médiamétrie//NetRatings, campaign assessments can quality the audience who has seen the campaign according to Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Media Ratings Council (MRC) norms via indicators such as coverage, on-target repetition, and on-target viewable impression rate.

In particular, Qualified Ad Audience offers viewability measurement across all internet devices, customisable viewability measurement with the ability for each subscriber to determine their own viewability threshold, and a measurement of viewable video completion rate according to exposure time to ad.

“In an advertising market that seeks reliability, an online campaign’s viewability is an essential issue, as it naturally conditions the campaign’s effectiveness,” said Eglantine Dever, director of the advertising solutions department at Médiamétrie//NetRatings.

The IAB and MRC norms state that a display ad impression is considered viewable as soon as at least 50 per cent of the displayed surface of the ad is viewed for at least one second continuously. Meanwhile, video ads must be viewed for at least two seconds continuously when at least 50 per cent is visible.