Nike Campaign Reminds Us That Time is Precious

Nike Time is PreciousThe latest addition to Nike’s ‘Are We Running Today?’ campaign is having its desired effect, as it has got people talking. In a series of short videos, Nike aims to get young athletes off their screens, away from social media and out exercising – reminding everybody that ‘Time is Precious’.

The videos poke fun at the amount of time we spend living vicariously through others, watching celebrities, watching shows about zombies, our obsession with pictures and videos, our obsession with what friends are doing and having opinions for the sake of having opinions online.

A Nike spokesperson told Mobile Marketing: “We believe the disruptive nature of the work will lead to conversation that reaches a broader group. In terms of the media plan, we’re targeting young athletes on the platforms where they spend time every day.

“We spread customised messages across multiple screens (TV, social, digital OOH, and print) to connect with these athletes during the most relevant, disruptive moments.

“We believe sport is something that can help everyone to be the best they can be…. and this is about making people aware they have more time than they think to run or train.”

The videos use Siri, along with accompanying text, to criticise us for not getting out and running or training more.

“We thought it was more impactful if the voice of your devices or the voice behind your screens was talking to you directly about your behaviour,” the spokesperson added. “The emotionless voice makes the message stand out even more.”