Nimbuzz Updates iPhone App

Nimbuzz has announced updates to its iPhone & iPod touch application, as well as a new desktop client for Apple Mac computers. Nimbuzz enables friends to call and chat with each other for free. They can access their favorite instant messaging and social networks with one login and from one location, using the internet or wi-fi. Todays announcement brings Nimbuzz product to Mac desktops and laptops, in addition to the iPhone, iPod touch and a wide range of other handsets.
Nimbuzz says it has seen an average 848% growth in downloads of its iPhone & iPod touch apps in key European markets since the iPhone OS 3.0 update. It is one of just 5% of apps to boast more than 100,000 active users. Nimbuzz says the launch of its comprehensive Apple suite underlines its commitment to the Apple platform.
The iPhone and iPod touch app upgrade enables iPhone users to share photos, music and videos with their contacts. Files are stored online, saving device memory and making them easily accessible from different access points. They can also be saved on the device, on demand and for free.
Nimbuzz has also integrated Push Notification into the update, with home screen alerts of incoming calls or chats, effectively keeping users available to the rest of the world, even though the app itself has been closed. Theres also a new buddy list layout, featuring an intelligent display of avatars and presence information, including which community a friend belongs to and if that person is currently online on a mobile phone or computer. Location Sharing is also now  available on the iPhone application, allowing Nimbuzz buddies to share and retrieve their physical locations on a map.
We love the design and the flawless usability of Apple products, says Nimbuzz CEO, Evert-Jaap Lugt, CEO of Nimbuzz. A large proportion of our already substantial iPhone fan base are also Mac users and have been asking for a bespoke version of Nimbuzz for their desktop and laptop Macs. As a result, we have worked closely with our users to ensure our suite of iPhone & Mac products work seamlessly together, matching the familiar design and UI style of Apple products.