Nintendo will introduce a Zelda mobile game after Animal Crossing release

Link (Legend of Zelda)Nintendo is preparing to another one of its massively successful franchises to mobile, this time in the shape of the Legend of Zelda.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Link will be making his way to mobile devices following the launch of Animal Crossing, which sources say is set to be released in the second half of this year.

The Zelda game is being worked on by Japanese game developer, and Nintendo mobile partner, DeNA – but no official word is out on the name of the title or the type of gameplay that can be expected.

The upcoming releases of both Animal Crossing and Zelda add to Nintendo’s growing catalogue of mobile apps. The company has released Miitomo, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Super Mario Run in the last 14 or so months.

In addition, WSJ also reports that The Pokémon Company, which owns the license for the pocket monster franchise and of which Nintendo owns 32 per cent, is making a card-based Pokémon game for mobile. Then there’s Pokémon Go, which cannot be forgotten despite not being a Nintendo game, and the mobile landscape doesn’t look too bad a company that insisted it wouldn’t bring its franchises to mobile.