Nintendos Fire Emblem Heroes Grossed More Than $2.9m in its First Day

Fire Emblem HeroesNintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes grossed more than $2.9m (£2.3m) worldwide and was downloaded more than 2m times in the first day (February 2) of its release, according to mobile app store marketing intelligence firm Sensor Tower.

The estimated $2.9m earned puts it way below the $10.2m earned by Pokémon Go and the $8.4m earned by Super Mario Run, on iOS alone, in their first 24 hours. However, it did out-earn Supercells Clash Royale – which grossed approximately $1.4m in its first day.

Downloads put Fire Emblem Heroes on par with Clash Royale at 2m apiece – but this is only a third of Super Mario Run’s 6m downloads and around half of Pokémon Go’s 4.2m. According to Sensor Tower, majority of the Fire Emblem Heroes downloads have come from Japan, with the US ranking in second place.

“Of course, we don’t have a real indication of how Fire Emblem Heroes will monetise long-term yet,” said Randy Nelson, head of mobile insights at Sensor Tower. “The initial players are likely to be the most diehard fans of the property, thus willing to spend more, and may not have progressed far enough into the game to really feel the need to monetise. That said, we’ll check back on the game as we get further from release to see how these day one metrics hold up.”