Nissan Shakes, Rattles and Rolls With First Mobile Flash App

Nissan has launched what it says is the first Flash-enabled application for mobiles, providing a peek into the potential of this medium for marketers, writes Martin Conway. Created to highlight the car manufacturer’s “small and sexy” Juke brand, the Juke Power-Up app, available via the car’s microsite, enables Android 2.2 users to calculate their intensity, adrenaline and energy levels by vigorously shaking their mobiles as fast and frantically as possible, thereby bumping up the readings on the app’s accelerometer. Players can then use their other hand to post their scores to friends on Facebook.

The app was developed by French agency Digitas’ ‘MindTheGap’ R&D team. Julian Terraz, creative technologist at Digitas, says: “Nissan is constantly looking to innovate and produce content that fits within the changing technology demands of customers. We’re thrilled to have developed this app for Nissan, as we believe it shows not only how the brand is continuing to evolve, but also how we will use and download mobile applications in the future.”