No 10 iPad App Puts Data at Heart of Digital by Default Government

Details of the Number 10 Dashboard iPad app have been revealed by the search start-up Adzuna, whose job and housing market data is being used to inform top level decision-making.

The data visualisation app has been developed by the Cabinet Office digital team to bring real-time information to the Prime Minister and other officials.

It draws together a range of key performance indicators – economic, political and governmental – and includes data on trending topics from major search engines and social networks. The dashboard can also be accessed on desktop.

Adzuna, a search engine for classified ads, provides the government with stats on job vacancy numbers, salary trends and regional housing supply. These are combined with economic indicators from the Office for National Statistics and other information about government services, spending and efficiency.

“It’s great to see government taking a data-driven approach to decision making and supporting fast growing British technology start-ups like Adzuna,” said Doug Monro, co-founder of

“Because we list all of the available jobs and properties in the UK in our search engine, we’re able to provide comprehensive and up to date data to the government – just as we do for free for users on our website.”

A Cabinet Office source told the BBC that the app, which is still in beta, will be rolled out across Whitehall. “If you want to provide ministers and officials with information about performance of government, you can look at government data – but you can also look at data from the real world,” he said.

“All were doing is bringing government into line with what leading companies, big and small, have been doing for several years. Its radical for government, but its not radical for 2012.”

The Government Digital Strategy was unveiled by Cabinet Office minister, Francis Maude, at the FTs Innovate Conference this week.

He told the audience: “We intend to set a standard for other governments. We will make public services agile, flexible and digital by default. We will open up to new ideas, new businesses – we will open up our data reserves. And this digital-savvy Government will benefit service users, benefit businesses and benefit the taxpayer.”

David Cameron also met with Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, to launch Get On, a programme offering 16-24-year-olds the skills and inspiration to succeed in getting their first job.