Nokia and Polar Mobile Strike Apps Deal

Nokia has entered into an agreement with Polar Mobile to launch over 300 mobile apps for Nokia smartphones over the next 12 months. Polar Mobile will be launching apps on Nokia smartphones for over 300 major media brands globally, including the likes of Wired UK, Kompas, Advertising Age, Globe and Mail, and Shanghai Daily. The apps will be available to Nokia N9 users, as well as users of  future Nokia with Windows Phone devices.

“Nokia is excited about the opportunity to team up with Polar Mobile to bring hundreds of quality apps to consumers around the world,” says Richard White, general manager, Nokia Canada. “Polar Mobile’s ability to scale and attract a global set of brands is strategic in supporting Nokia’s efforts in offering compelling apps and experiences for our users.”

The first set of 50 apps under the new partnership will be available on Nokia’s Symbian devices by next month and will be available globally through Nokia’s Ovi Store. 

“We are thrilled that Nokia has chosen Polar Mobile to provide top tier media apps for their devices. Nokia’s global consumer reach is important for many of our customers, especially in Europe, Middle East and Asia,” says Polar Mobile CEO, Kunal Gupta. “Partnering with Nokia helps our media customers continue to grow their mobile audiences.”

Polar Mobile provides a software platform to enable brands to launch mobile apps across multiple smartphone and tablet operating systems. Using Qt as the basis for its platform on Nokia smartphones, Polar Mobile says it can deliver rich user experiences for its customers. To date, Polar Mobile has launched over 1,200 mobile apps across other major smartphone devices for more than 300 media brands in 10 countries.  Now, in partnership with Nokia, Polar Mobile says it can extend support for Nokia smartphones reaching consumers in 190 markets.