Nokia Deploys Social Visualiser

Nokia has deployed Agora, a ‘social visualiser’, to display conversation, insight and consumer device activity in real time. Developed with marketing agency 1000heads, Agora enables the company to access a wealth of social data and content.

The six screen installations have been set up in Nokia offices around the world, with a HTML5 version making the system available to employees outside of the office, via their mobiles. Each screen displays a different element of the social conversation Nokia are trying to monitor, including user-generated content, social media, and an editorial calendar.

“Agora puts social listening at the very heart of Nokia, and is a physical manifestation of the business’ commitment to social media.  It allows us to bring our people together to talk, engage and understand the impact social media is having on our marketing organisation,” says Craig Hepburn, global director of digital and social at Nokia. “By bringing together these complementary content and data feeds, in a visual way, we’re able to collectively view and interpret massive amounts of social media data in an efficient and effective manner. The hugely positive feedback we’ve received internally, and the speed at which Agora has been embraced by our audiences both internally and externally, is testament to this.”