Nokia Leads the Way in ADITIC Stats

Mobile advertising firm Sofialys has released a global metrics report based on performance-based (CPC) ad network, ADITIC’s first year of activity.

ADITIC currently offers over 2bn ad requests each month to 150 advertisers, from more than 500 registered mobile publishers, across 20 countries. According to the data, more than 60 per cent of ADITIC’s traffic comes from apps, as opposed to the mobile web. An overwhelming proportion of this traffic is generated by iPhones, while Android traffic has also experienced a sharp increase in recent months.

Globally, Nokia handsets represent the highest percentage of overall traffic on the network at 29 per cent, followed by the iPhone (21 per cent), Samsung (13 per cent), LG (6 per cent) and Sony Ericsson (5 per cent). The average CPC in the core European markets (France, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain) is approximately €0.26, and Sofialys says that clickthrough rates are significantly higher than the rates witnessed on other global networks.

“Metrics demonstrate the performance of mobile ad networks globally, and serve to highlight the growing potential of this sector, particularly in Europe and Asia, our two core regions,” says Sofialys CEO, Mokhtar Bouchelaghem. “We are extremely proud that our Ad network has achieved continued increases in performance since its launch, which ultimately enables our partners and clients to achieve the best possible return.”