Nokia Lumia Gesture-based Ad Campaign Grows Awareness by 93 Per Cent

Nokia Lumia Solve campaignMicrosoft has become the first advertiser to make use of Solve Medias gesture-based ad captcha technology – enabling it to create an engaging campaign on mobile that also validated the humanness of the ad traffic.

Like Solve Medias existing type-in ads, the touch-based actions prompted by the ad units – like double taps, swipes and drag and drop – can only be completed by humans, which Solve Media says ensures no ad spend is wasted on bots.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 campaign asked users to tap to zoom in on a part of the ad, in turn highlighting the phones own zoom capabilities, and resulted in a 93 per cent lift in awareness against a control group. This is more than 22 times greater than the standards outlined by comScore for brand awareness campaigns.

“We were very impressed with Solve Media’s new gestural technology and are excited to be the first to utilise it in Europe,” said Tara Powadiuk, EMEA media group manager at Microsoft. “The gestural technology was a great way to show the ‘zoom’ feature in an engaging way, one of the great selling points of the phone. In addition, we were able to achieve an amazing lift in awareness in multiple countries over a short period of time, all while being sure that we paid only for human performance.”