Nokia Platform Easier to Monetise

The CEO of in-app advertising company Smaato has urged developers not to abandon the Windows Phone platform, saying it may be easier to monitise than the likes of iOS and Android. 

Ragnar Kruse, Smaatos CEO and co-founder, says Nokia and Microsofts platform could prove lucrative for app developers. “It will be interesting to see how the new Window Phone partnership will play out related to mobile advertising performance,” he says. “Nokia and Microsoft have a great opportunity to establish a viable third ecosystem. They will have to establish a new niche ecosystem for the customer, however, the combination of security, established systems and a new look could be very popular in Europe and Asia.

“Developers are advised not to overlook the Nokia/Windows combination as it might be a platform that is easier to monetise, will have less threats of piracy as it will be a more closed ecosystem, and will also offer more cohesiveness.”

Kruses comments come on the back of Smaatos latest report – the Q3 Mobile Metrics Report – which for the third consecutive quarter puts Windows Phone top of the OS pile in terms of click-through rates. 

RIM also improved in terms of CTR, overtaking Apple and getting closer to Windows Phone, particularly in the US. 

“Campaigns are often measured by click through rates (CTR) and as such, it is important for performance-driven marketers to consider the highest performing operating system when looking to yield the greatest return,” says Kruse.

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