Nokia Siemens Completes Swedish Network Upgrade

Nokia Siemens Networks has updated the network shared by Telenor and 3 subscribers in areas of Sweden. The upgrade work offers subscribers network speeds of up to 42Mbps, as well as twice the previous bandwidth, says Nokia Siemens. 

Under the modernising contract, Nokia Siemens Networks is modernising high-traffic areas of the network with its energy-efficient, Flexi Multiradio Base Stations. The company is also working to expand capacity for the majority of the network. The modernisation introduces Dual-Cell functionality.

Nokia Siemens Networks is also providing implementation, planning, and optimisation services based on its network management system, NetAct.

“The dramatic surge in subscribers data use means that we need to continue to upgrade the network,” says Michael Yngvesson, CEO, 3GIS. “Nokia Siemens Networks has been our long-standing partner in our commitment to providing the latest services backed by innovative technology. The increased capacity delivers an improved end-user experience while also being environmentally responsible.”

“With a number of smart devices flooding the market, it is imperative for leading operators like Telenor and 3 to adapt accordingly,” said Hasan Mian, head of the 3GIS customer team at Nokia Siemens Networks. “3GIS has been very consistent with its network upgrade plans and is always looking to invest where it matters the most – technology modernisation. The improved, high-quality network allows 3GIS to boost the end-user experience and optimize its operating expenditure with reduced carbon footprint.”

Nokia Siemens Networks operates the 3GIS network under a managed services contract. In addition, the company provides spare part management as well as other care services for 3GIS.