North Highland Goes Mobile for Employee Feedback

Culr PR 3Global management consulting firm North Highland has launched a new mobile tool that employees can use to record and review performance feedback in real-time, offering an antidote to traditional annual feedback reviews.

The tool, called Culr, was awarded silver in the Best Innovation category at the 2015 UK Digital Experience Awards, and aims to gather employee feedback on a little and often basis, rather than grouping it in a single stressful session, which is increasingly viewed as an ineffective way of measuring true employee performance.

Delivered via a mobile app, Culr has been designed to fit in with peoples existing work habits and behaviour, and allows for individual flair in feedback submissions, providing businesses with greater insight into the mentality of their employees while fostering a healthy feedback culture.

“Were thrilled that Culr and North Highland were recognised at the UK Digital Experience Awards as leaders innovation,” said Tony Doocey, vice president and London market lead at North Highland. “This award is a great illustation of our focus on creating digital innovation to help our clients transform their ways of working and solve their most pressing business challenges.”

“We built Culr as a brand new product within North Highland, based on feedback we received from clients and taking into account the ongoing trend of businesses moving away from tired and ineffective annual performance reviews,” said Paul Hutchinson, manager at North Highlands London office. “Culr accelerates the development of staff and their organisations as any issues can be addressed straight away.”