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Now it's u-and-i-mode

David Murphy

Couple_kissingi-mode customers in the UK can now find a date on their phone, as a result of a partnership between 02,  Enpocket  and Time Out to deliver the dating
and chat application, Time Out Dating, to i-mode customers. The
partnership will enable singles to search for dates and chat with other
singles using their i-mode phones, offering mobile consumers access to
thousands of profiles of like-minded individuals, from 3 per month.  As
an official partner, Time Out Dating will be available through the main
i-mode menu.

The partnership enables Enpocket and Time Out to expand revenue
opportunities by selling content through O2's revenue sharing model.
Time Out Dating will collect revenue from subscription-based services
billed directly through the user's phone bill, permitting Enpocket to
concentrate on its core business. i-mode facilitates both
subscription-based and non subscription-based content.

Time Out Dating, built using the Enpocket Community Engine, is a mobile
internet application available on WAP and now i-mode that enables
subscribers to interact with each other through a colourful, branded
interface.  Users can search for friends or love matches based on age,
location, interests and other criteria and then message each other -
all through the Time Out Dating WAP site.

Enpocket has managed to capture the benefits of i-mode and joined the
i-mode ecosystem to offer its users a compelling mobile experience
says O2 UK Head of i-mode Marketing, Grahame Riddell. O2 wants to make
developing mobile content as attractive and as easy for businesses as
possible.  With the arrival of i-mode, O2 will redress this balance and
the provision of mobile content in the UK easier and more cost

For Enpocket, CEO and President Mike Baker adds:

"O2 has provided an environment where mobile communities can thrive.
It's exciting to be involved in the first i-mode portal in the UK,
where access to content is instant.