Now There's a Bright Idea

David Murphy

London-based mobile solutions integrator Infinite Solutions has announced the launch of Brightpod, which, the company claims, allows mobile users to truly realise the potential of their mobile handset, for the first time. Brightpod is a  mobile entertainment portal which is available online as well as on mobile, and offers users the chance to access all their favourite services in one place.
The portal integrates mobile entertainment content including videos, games and applications with instant messaging (IM) and online shopping. One of the key features of Brightpod is its ability to offer multi-platform IM (with chat rooms), on the majority of mobile handsets. Users can use their existing IM account on, for example, MSN or Yahoo! directly from their mobile.
Brightpod has been developed for the mobile phone within a Java application that has the look and feel of a Flash-based website. According to Infinite Solutions, this means that users experience virtually the same quality on the mobile device as they would on the desktop. Brightpod uses a leading payment service that ensures a secure method of making payments via the mobile phone and also offers age verification. Users complete a simple registration process, during which they are advised not to pass out personal information, and for additional security, the service offers a limited personal profile available for view.
With the massive growth of social media and networking sites in recent years, the next logical step is for users to demand accessibility from their mobile phones, says ISL CEO, Duncan Ward. Brightpod really takes this to a new level, as users have this fantastic functionality straight to their mobile device. Being able to use your existing instant messaging account on your mobile as if you were in front of your PC is very exciting, and saves users swapping between sites.   Brightpod encompasses all that the modern mobile user has ever wanted from the device.  In addition we are able to offer the latest mobile content such as ringtones, games and applications at vastly lower costs than the leading providers.
You can check handset compatibility and download the Brightpod application form the Brightpod website.