NSN Completes EDGE Trial

Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) has successfully completed the worlds first successful trial of EDGE Evolution Downlink Dual Carrier (DLDC). This is a new technology that allows for seamless service continuity between GSM and Chinas currently evolving 3G network. The company worked with one of Chinas leading operators to conduct
The technology doubles data speeds on EDGE (Enhanced Data GSM Environment) networks enabling end users on a GSM network to experience higher throughput and data capability. It also considerably increases system resource efficiency, enabling more end users and data traffic through existing GSM networks.
According to NSN, DLDC can help create a more powerful, overall network that can handle ever increasing data traffic loads and therefore improve an operators opportunities to generate revenue from its data services. By enabling an efficient and cost effective use of available transceiver resources, it ensures that when 3G users move into an area without 3G coverage they can switch into the GSM/EDGE with minimal change in end user experience.
EDGE Evolution DLDC, implemented simply via a software upgrade in the network, permits peak downlink rates of 0.6 Mbps and doubles the speed and throughput of traditional EDGE technology. NSN initially conducted the trial in its Beijing development centre, before replicating the process in the live network of a Chinese operator. Showcasing live video streaming from the Sina and Youtube websites, NSN demonstrated how, with DLDC activated, the end user continues to perceive a positive and smooth streaming experience.
The success of this trial underlines the tremendous efforts we have put behind GSM evolution, giving us a clear lead over our competitors by at least half a year, says Prashant Agnihotri, Head of GSM/EDGE Product Management, Radio Access, at Nokia Siemens Networks. While we are extremely proud of this worldwide technology first, we are more excited with the immediate and significant benefits for our customers. Securing seamless user experience in a country where 3G is in the process of being rolled out enables us to truly support Chinas next phase of growth.
In addition to improving current radio networks efficiency and protect operator investment towards future evolution, EDGE Evolution DLDC will positively influence GSM/LTE spectrum re-farming, ensuring better overall usage of resources.