NSN To Increase Austrian Networks Capacity

Hutchison 3G Austria has tasked Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) with increasing its overall network capacity, deploying microwave backhaul technology to efficiently handle the expected rise in mobile data traffic as subscribers increase usage of compelling multimedia and data services.
Microwave backhaul provides the link between individual mobile base stations and the rest of an operators network, using a line-of-sight radio link, as opposed to a fixed cable or optical fibre. Hutchison 3G Austria has extended its existing contract with NSN to modernize its microwave radio network, in order to enable ultra high-speed downloads and prepare for a completely new mobile broadband experience in the future, once Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology rolls out.
Mobile Internet access is driving our growth, and we want to continue to ride the wave, says Hutchison 3G Austria CTO, Jan Trionow. Nokia Siemens Networks will help us turbocharge data download rates in the mobile broadband network. This enables our customers to surf the web even faster and more effectively than using (a) fixed-line connection. Additionally, we are now in a better position to offer new services like video on demand to subscribers.
As the sole supplier of the operators microwave network, NSN says it is in an ideal position to maximize performance of the current installed base, and will build extra capacity in the existing network via Carrier Ethernet upgrades and all-IP backhauling. This will allow very high download speeds, with an option of delivering up to 155Mbps, once the operator migrates its network to LTE. Nokia Siemens Networks all-IP backhaul solution will make the transport network ready for LTE.
 The NSN mobile backhaul solution, comprising microwave radio and Carrier Ethernet transport, is optimized for carrying vast amounts of packet traffic in 2G, 3G, WiMax and LTE networks in a cost efficient manner, while ensuring lowest possible latency and synchronization.
To ensure that the operator can monitor, manage and optimize the whole network in a simple way, the microwave element management will be integrated with the NetAct network management system.
Nokia Siemens Networks has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Hutchison 3G Austria that dates back to 2002.