Nuance Launches Online Store for T9 Nav

Nuance Communications created a dedicated T9 Nav Online Store for its T9 Nav solution, and is celebrating the launch of the store by dropping the price of  the solution to 5.99.
T9 Nav is a search and discovery solution for Series 60 third edition phones, which according to Nuance, reduces search and discovery time by close to 70%. T9 Nav leverages the Nuances T9 predictive text technology to simplify navigation and discovery of on- and off-device applications, content and information.
By typing with just one key press per letter from the idle screen, consumers bypass complex menu structures and numerous key presses to find a contact, an application, a game, a song or a public bookmark in fact, any feature or service available on the device or on the operators network.
For instance, users can simply press: 2 5 8 (b l u) to find and set their Bluetooth; 3 3 6 (d e n) to access a dentist appointment in their calendar; 6 2 3 (m a d) to access Madonna songs on the device; or 322 (f a c) to quickly access their mobile Facebook account. (Users of phones with QWERTY keyboards simply press the appropriate letters.)
This flattening of the user interface reduces task completion time by up to 67%, and as a result, enhances productivity and convenience. T9 Nav also adapts to the users behaviour to ensure delivery of relevant and accurate results.
T9 Nav is very popular and has received rave reviews from users who find this tool indispensable, says Philippe Jeanrenaud, Nuances Marketing Manager, Mobility Solutions, EMEA. We are also finding that users are very receptive to the public bookmarks proposed by T9 Nav, which allow them to access popular mobile sites by just entering a keyword. Over 30% of T9 Nav users are already using these bookmarks
T9 Nav features broad language support, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Tagalog, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian.