Numbuz Tops 3,500

Numbuz, the website for people to buy and sell SIM cards that have interesting numbers, has revealed that it now has more than 3,500 numbers selling on the website. The numbers for sale can be sequence numbers, or alphanumeric numbers that spells names, words or phrases. Numbuzz says there are hundred of numbers for sale in the 20 – 100 price range, with other attracting much higher asking prices.
Alphanumeric numbers are really popular in the US and Australia, but they havent really taken off in the UK yet, and Im not sure why, says Numbuz CEO, REobert Pocknell. The personal numberplate market is worth hundreds of millions of pounds. Millions of text messages get sent every day, but lots of people in the UK dont even realise that alphanumerics are a possibility. I would think that it would be a great opportunity for a mobile marketing campaign.
Pocknell notes that case studies from Australia have shown that using phone names in place of phone numbers can increase advertising response rates by 300%. The increase in response rates is even greater when phone names are used in radio and outdoor advertising, he says.