NYCs Bryant Park Uses Mobile Location Data to Drive Footfall

New-York_-_Bryant_ParkBryant Park Corporation (BPC), the non-profit organisation which manages the midtown Manhattan park, has teamed with location data firm PlaceIQ to track visitors location and behavioural data, providing insights into how the park is used.

Bryant Park runs hundreds of events each year, as well as providing visual, cultural and intellectual experiences for New Yorkers and visitors, and providing an oasis of green within the city.

The data gathered by BPC and PlaceIQ has been used to better understand visitor behaviour, enabling the corporation to increase foot traffic into the park and improve visitors experiences, as well as fueling effective decisions in areas like sponsorships, program development, event planning and staffing.

“Bryant Park is a premier destination for both locals and visitors to New York City,” said Daniel A. Biederman, president of the Bryant Park Corporation. “We attract a wide range of visitors to events such as our Film Festival, cultural performances, fitness classes and ice skating, in addition to being a gathering place for friends or a respite from the busy city.

“As the volume of visitors to Bryant Park continues to grow, we remain committed to providing a park experience that appeals to everyone. PlaceIQs ability to use location data for insights into demographics can inform decisions about future programs and activities that appeal to all.”

Among the data uncovered by PlaceIQ was the fact that only 19 per cent of visitors to the park lived in Manhattan, with 16 per cent living outside the New York City area altogether. The location data also provided insights for potential business partners, such as the fact that visitors were twice as likely than the average consumer to bank at Bank of America, 50 per cent more likely to visit Macys and twice as likely to shop at PetSmart.

“Location is a diverse data set with applications beyond advertising,” said Anita Gandhi, vice president of consumer analytics at PlaceIQ. “By turning to PlaceIQ and location data, Bryant Park Corporation has gained a unique understanding of its visitors that can be applied horizontally across their entire decision-making process.

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