O2 Adopts RadiumOne’s Mobile Audience Data Offering

Tim Maytom

O2.pngO2 has become the first company to make use of Connect, RadiumOne’s new mobile audience product that fuses various mobile app marketing functions, including analytics, geolocation and push notifications, into a single product.

The solution aims to bring together separate technologies that are typically spread out among multiple providers, enabling marketers to access them all through a single tool and apply them in real-time programmatically to their campaigns.

Connect is being offered as a software-as-a-service product to both app creators and brand marketers hoping to capture in-app user engagement data and make use of it to identify and target high-value consumers both within apps and beyond.

With more than 100m active devices already using the solution from its beta testing phase, the software has proven extremely effective in simplifying app management and converting in-app engagements into mobile intelligence.

“The RadiumOne Connect solution is great for tying together user analytics, geofencing and push notifications for the MyO2 mobile app in one UI, and eliminating the tangle of multiple SDKs and data sets,” said Dan Michelson, innovation & capability lead at O2. “The option to use all this data instantly for mobile user acquisition and re-engagement campaigns makes Connect a strong proposition for us.”

Connect will integrate directly with Activate, RadiumOne’s cross-device ad platform, working together to create a marketing operating system that enables marketers to apply their audience analytic data in real-time programmatic ads in a single solution.

“Consumer attention has a shelf life – intelligence can go from valuable to useless in a matter of hours,” said Bob Hall, senior vice president of business development at RadiumOne. “Whether it’s related to the in-app experience or a mobile ad campaign, time is of the essence.

“RadiumOne is the first company to combine mobile analytics with multi-channel advertising campaign management in this way, dramatically reducing the time and losses between data capture and activation, and creating high-value connections between brands and consumers.”