O2 and Vodaphone trade spectrum bands to create fastest 5G

Today O2 and Vodafone have announced a new deal that enhances their existing partnership, to bring a better network experience to their customers.

The two telecommunications companies, which already share mast infrastructure, have agreed a deal to trade bands to create more efficient blocks of 5G spectrum.

This will enable improved coverage for customers – both indoor and outdoor – across urban, suburban and rural areas. Large contiguous blocks support faster speeds, lower latency and greener 5G services.

The move will create a contiguous block of 80Mhz for O2 and ensure good proximity of Vodafone’s blocks totalling 90MHz of spectrum.

“This year O2 is investing more than ever in its network to improve coverage and experience. Securing contiguous blocks of spectrum is crucial to harnessing the true power of 5G – we will have the strongest indoor and outdoor connectivity and an ultra-reliable frequency.” said CEO of O2, Mark Evans. 

CEO of Vodaphone UK, Ahmed Essam added “We have invested in our network to deliver brilliant coverage for both calls and data, where and when our customers need it. And we have connected those most in need, from NHS and care workers to children needing to get online to continue their learning at home, and job seekers who have been left without work due to the pandemic. 

“The result of this auction and our agreement with O2 will help us continue our mission of connecting our customers for a better future… It will also enable us to open up amazing new possibilities for our enterprise customers, putting Britain at the forefront of innovation in vital areas like assisted surgery, remote training, and factory automation.”