O2 to deliver TikTok AR experience as part of latest campaign

O2 has taken to TikTok as part of its latest integrated advertising campaign, bringing its Bubl robot character to the app via augmented reality (AR).

From next month, TikTok users will be able to bring Bubl into their homes by using O2’s branded effect AR lens and create a secret handshake with the robot.

The experience forms part of a campaign centred around a TV ad featuring an average man who sees people on his street receiving deliveries from O2 – each one of which arrives with their own Bubl. Feeling he is missing out, the man orders a phone from O2 and also receives his own little robot, which he goes on to begin forming a positive relationship with.

The campaign will run across TV, broadcaster video-on-demand, out-of-home, social, online video, retail, PR, and online.

“Beginning the year in lockdown has been difficult, and it’s impacted every part of all our lives,” said Nina Bibby, O2 CMO. “We’ve felt this along with everyone else, which is why we’ve focused on how we can help customers get the most of technology. We’re committed to putting customers first and we wanted to create offers and a campaign that helps them get the latest technology at great value – and not to miss out.”

The TV ad will air for the first time today (23 February), with key weekend spots during the Six Nations game between Italy and Ireland, Saturday Night Takeaway, and The Voice.

A full-length version of the song featured in the advertising campaign, created by producer Wilma Archer and rapper Vritra, will also be released as a limited-edition vinyl.