O2 increases 4G coverage

O2 says it will connect over 1,000 UK sites to new 4G spectrum by the end of 2018. The operator has already switched on sites to transmit the new 4G spectrum within 24 hours of acquiring it.

The rapid rollout follows O2’s purchase of an additional 40Mhz of 2.3GHz 4G spectrum in Ofcom’s spectrum auction, which concluded earlier this month. The company will have switched on 100 sites across the country to transmit the new spectrum by the end of April, including sites in London, Leeds and Nottingham.

The deployment of new 4G spectrum will reach over 1,000 sites nationwide and more than 10 cities by the end of the year. The rollout plan prioritises enhancing performance on major transportation hubs in major cities, and in busy shopping areas including Westfield Shopping centres in White City and Stratford, where the public has been calling for an improved service.

The additional 4G spectrum will ensure O2 can continue to meet the nation’s rapidly growing demand for mobile data. According to Ofcome’s 2017 Connected Nations report, the amount of mobile data the British public uses increased by more than 46 per cent last year as consumers increasingly choose mobile devices over laptops and televisions when it comes to browsing the internet or watching their favourite programmes.

“We know how important a fast and reliable connection is to our customers, which is why we’re putting our new 4G spectrum to use as quickly as possible,” said O2 COO, Derek McManus. “We were able to switch on the first sites within 24 hours. Our swift deployment of new 4G spectrum will further enhance the O2 experience for all of our UK customers.”