O2 introduces suite of COVID-19 safety tools for businesses

O2 is rolling out a range of digital solutions to help UK businesses ensure their workplaces are safe as they adjust to operating in the COVID-19 world.

The suite of internet of things (IoT) safeguarding solutions, created in partnership with Bell Integration, includes a thermal imaging tablet, a handheld thermal imaging scanner, and social distancing room management.

The thermal imaging tablet is an all-in-one temperature sensing tablet, which is said to read surface body temperature from a distance of one metre. The tablet is combined with the capability to manage visitors and ensure a contactless check-in, with each visitor required to use a unique QR code to confirm their attendance.

The handheld thermal imaging scanner promises an accuracy to 0.5 degrees and can be used in both controlled locations with limited people and in high footfall locations.

With social distancing management, businesses are able to monitor people count and occupancy status of communal areas. It features a digital display unit which shows green or red, depending on whether it is safe to enter an area.

“We’re delighted to be rolling out these new solutions to help British business reopen their doors safely. During lockdown, connectivity became one of the UK’s most valued services and we have continued to look at ways we can use our customer-centric networks to support this country,” said Jo Bertram, Managing Director at O2 Business.

“As we look to rebuild Britain, these new COVID-19 solutions will help minimise the risk of spreading the virus as the nation returns to work – through automation and reducing moments of physical interaction. It will not only help businesses get back on their feet but bolster their confidence as they reopen their doors over the coming weeks and months.”