O2 Launches O2 More

O2 has officially unveiled O2 More, which it describes as a first-of-its-kind scheme in the mobile industry, which will unleash the true potential of mobile advertising for brands.
According to O2, O2 More takes mobile advertising beyond the banner, delivering highly personalized campaigns for advertisers and giving O2 customers access to a wide range of exclusive and relevant offers from over 50 leading brands at launch.
O2 More is an opt-in programme for O2 customers which matches preference information they give to O2 with data O2 holds on those customers, such as phone usage, location etc. For instance, if a customer says that they are interested in sports and O2 knows they roamed in Switzerland over the winter, a deal on a skiing holiday could be offered to that customer through O2 More. Mobile Marketing Magazine first revealed the existence of the database on 5 November, but since then, the network has repeatedly refused our requests for more information.
At launch, offers will include discounts from high street retailers and restaurants, holiday offers and trials of new services or information about forthcoming launches. Over 50 brands have already signed up to the scheme, including Adidas, Cadbury, Interflora and Blockbuster. In the coming months, O2 says the service will continue to evolve, with new products and services launching which allow advertisers to reach consumers in an efficient and relevant way. Localised solutions are included in the plans.
David Fieldhouse, Mobile Manager at MediaCom, says the O2 More programme represents a fantastic opportunity for its clients to provide relevant, personal and anticipated messages to the O2 customer base.
Previous campaigns run by Mediacom show that personalised messaging delivers strong results for clients, says Fieldhouse. The ability to reach huge numbers of opted-in consumers, combined with granular levels of targeting, represents an exciting step forward for the mobile industry.
O2 customers can sign up to the service and register their preferences at www.o2.co.uk/o2more from tomorrow, and will receive up to one message per day based on these preferences.

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