O2 links up with Spotify to suggest local gigs based on streaming behaviour

O2 Breathe It All InO2 is building on its campaign to get more of the UK involved in experiencing live music experiences. Now, it is tapping into the listening habits of Spotify users to recommend local, live events they may be interested and a personalised playlist to encourage them to get into new music.

The next phase of the ‘Breathe it all in’ campaign, which draws on the idea that mobile technology provides ‘digital oxygen’ to help people feel more alive, kicked off earlier this week during The Brit Awards with a 60-second TV ad during the show. Alongside the TV launch, the campaign has seen O2 takeover some of the biggest out-of-home spots in the UK, including The Canary Wharf Curve and Vauxhall Bridge Broadway. The campaign has also taken to Snapchat Stories as part of a social media takeover.

“There’s nothing quite like live music to make you feel alive. The sounds, the lights, the atmosphere. And whether you’re seeing your all-time favourite or an exciting new band, it can become an experience you never forget,” said Rachel Swift, brand director at O2.

“We want our customers to chase these moments, and our new campaign makes it easier for them – from localised OOH ads that promote artists playing nearby to a ticket giveaway that gets more people to gigs across the UK.

“We’re also launching a ground-breaking partnership with Spotify that’ll help music fans discover local gigs they won’t want to miss. It’s an exciting campaign for O2, and we couldn’t think of a better time to launch it than during the biggest celebration of British music.”