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O2 Media Closes its Doors, Moves to Weve

Alex Spencer

O2 has shut down operations of its mobile marketing arm, O2 Media – in order to transfer the employees over to Weve, its joint venture (previously known as Project Oscar) with fellow UK operators EE and Vodafone.

Apparently the ex-O2 staff will mostly retain similar roles within Weve, but it won't be quite a like-for-like swap, presumably due to the different nature of the business.

“It's a process we've been gearing up towards for a few weeks,” a Weve spokesperson told Mobile Marketing. “It's part of the process of putting the building blocks together ahead of the launch, getting us ready for the mobile marketing side of things, which will be the first service we're launching.”

Weve looks to be growing fast, as its as-yet unannounced launch date approaches. This move has meant the number of Weve employees has grown from 30 to 70 overnight. And, as the three shareholders start to pool their resources, it looks like the other operators might follow suit soon.