O2 Offers Tariff Cheer for iPhone Users

O2s iPhone customers are to get an improved deal from the network as a result of new tariffs being introduced on 1 February. The tariffs should, in fact, benefit all contract customers on O2; its just that those on the iPhone tariffs are probably most in need of them.
All of O2s consumer contract tariffs for new and upgrading customers will be brought in line with six price points where customers choose the text and minute bundle which most suits them.  Once the price point is chosen, customers can customise their tariff by adding from a range of seven available 7.50 Bolt Ons, including unlimited data, unlimited O2 to O2 calls, unlimited anyone texts and unlimited weekend calls. Customers on a 600 minute or more tariff (equivalent to 35 on an 18 month contract) will get one Bolt On of their choosing free of charge. As part of the tariff refresh, access to voicemail will be free across all new price points.
The three current O2 iPhone tariffs will be brought in line with the minute and text bundles offered on the new tariff structure. This means that customers on a 35 per month contract will get 600 minutes and 500 texts, compared to 200 minutes and 200 texts previously. The new 45 iPhone tariff offers 1200 minutes, compares to 600 previously, and 500 texts, as it was previously. Customers on the 55 tariff are being moved to the 45 tariff, which offers the same deal, for 10 a month less. Theres also a new 75 tariff, which offers 3,000 minutes and 500 texts. 
O2 points out that all iPhone customers will continue to receive unlimited data browsing and access to The Clouds wi-fi hotspots as free bolt ons to their contract, worth 15 per month. Existing iPhone customers will be transferred to the new tariffs during February, with all customers benefiting by mid March.
This industry is infamous for confusing consumers with the number and complexity of tariffs, says O2 UK Marketing Director, Sally Cowdry. Weve listened to what our customers want and acted, offering simple but competitive tariffs across all our handset range. The iPhone is already our fastest ever selling device and this added value will allow us to appeal to an ever greater segment of the market it is an unbeatable proposition.
In a separate move, O2 has introduced a 1 per day flat rate tariff for mobile web browsing from an O2 as standard on all new consumer Pay Monthly price points. As a result, the network says, customers will never again face the prospect of accidentally running up large data bills. The maximum they will pay is 1 if they browse more than 20-25 pages in a day. Below this, they will pay approximately 4-5p per page. Frequent data users can opt for the Unlimited Web Bolt On at 7.50 per month.
O2s move has been welcomed by price comparison website moneysupermarket.com, whose Head of Broadband and Mobiles, Rob Barnes, says: 
(The) standard 1 a day flat rate for mobile web browsing (is) a great offer for light data users.  For iPhone customers the packages available to them will be brought inline with the standard consumer tariffs, increasing the texts and minutes they get and in turn almost doubling the value of iPhone tariffs. Overall this a great move by O2 and a great deal for customers who will use all the extra minutes and texts. The new tariffs highlight O2 have taken heed of the demand for customised packages where mobile users can devise a package to suit their needs.