O2 Opens Up Priority Moments for Independent Businesses

O2 has made its Priority Moments service available to all independent retailers in the UK, for free.

Priority Moments for Independent Businesses, previously only available to businesses which were O2 customers, enables retailers to create offers which can be accessed by consumers through a location-based app.

“We believe that big businesses can play a key role in helping smaller players reach their full potential. Our network is our greatest asset and digital is what we do best – so with the launch of this new service, we hope to apply two of our biggest strengths to help some of these small businesses get a leg up into the world of digital marketing,” said Ben Dowd, director of business at O2. “By opening up the world of mobile to some of the UK’s smallest, most exciting independent businesses, we can help them compete with the marketing fire power of much bigger more established brands and in doing so, help them boost footfall and increase profitability.”

The expanded launch of Priority Moments for Independent Businesses is being promoted with a £2.5m through-the-line ad campaign.