O2 Releases Litmus Video Tour

O2 Litmus, O2s community project dedicated to finding and nurturing the very best new mobile, wireless and Internet-enabled applications and services, has released a video tour of the platform. The video explains the benefits of O2 Litmus for both developers and O2 customers in a clear and coherent way.
Developers get access to all the tools they need to create modern, cutting-edge applications: network APIs, handset toolkits and resources and free advice on marketing and legal issues. Most importantly, Litmus can help developers make money from their applications via a revenue model that gives them access to millions of customers across Telefonica/O2s international networks.
For O2 customers, Litmus gives them the chance to get their hands on the best new mobile applications first, before their friends or family have access to them. At Litmus, the operatpr says, customers have real influence in the community, helping to decide which applications and ideas sink and which of them swim, thanks to community tools that let customers talk directly to developers, review and rate their applications and suggest new features.
You can view the video here.