O2 Releases Six Degrees of Summer Movie Short

O2 has released Six Degrees of Summer, a 22-minute movie filmed entirely on mobile phones. The film, made up of six individual segments which all lead on from each other, is available to watch now on O2 Guru TV.

The film tells the story of a Great British summer from a variety of viewpoints. It was shot using a technique known as ‘exquisite corpse’ where individual pieces are stitched together to make a whole.

Film one, Dream on, was shot by Tom Shankland on an iPhone 4S.

Film two, Jetpack Rescue, was shot by Jamie Stone on a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Film three, Day Tripping shot, was shot by Iain Softley on an iPhone 4S and HTC One X+.

Film four, Monkey’s Wedding, was shot by competition winner Nick Jesper on a Sony Xperia S.

Film five, Summer of Colour, was shot by Martha Fiennes on an iPhone 4S. 

Film six, Some things you like about Summer, was shot by Tom Shankland on a iPhone 4S. 

The fourth section of the film was written and directed by Nick Jesper, the winner of a competition run on O2 Guru TV. Taking the last shot of the third film, Nick wrote Monkey’s Wedding, which was voted for by viewers as the best entry and created under the mentorship of TV and movie director, Tom Shankland.

Six Degrees of Summer was created by O2 Guru TV to help inspire smartphone users to explore what their smartphone can do, regardless of what make or model they use. By using phones like the Sony Xperia S, Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 4 and HTC One X+, the movie shows that it doesn’t take cutting edge technology to make a cutting edge production.