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O2 Rolls Out Pontis Segment of One Solution

David Murphy

Telefonica-owned O2 has become the first operator to deploy Pontis’s Segment of One customer base management and contextual marketing services platform, in the UK.

O2 runs many thousands of offers per month, including contextual welcoming offers for new subscribers, mobile internet promotions, individual top-up stimulation activities and end-to-end retention strategy.

Pontis’s solution allows O2 to deliver highly personalised offers to individual subscribers, with the aim of delivering improved customer loyalty, lower churn rates and increased revenues. Pontis has tested more than 1,500 business logics over the last 12 months in O2, translating the winning ones into thousands of mini offers run every day, targeted at specific individuals.

“These days, Pay As You Go mobile phone subscribers have a plethora of choice,” said Martin Bould, head of consumer marketing. “In an incredibly competitive market, operators have to offer competitive and compelling offers, and as a result, operators increasingly have to focus on building much more personal relationships with their subscribers throughout the customer lifecycle, to ensure loyalty in every given point of the customer life cycle. This is what Pontis is able to provide.”