O2 Selects Globalpark for Employee Feedback

O2 UK has selected Globalpark, which provides panel community and survey software, as its preferred feedback management platform. O2 will use Globalpark’s technology to engage with and survey the opinions of its 5000-plus employees on a range of strategic communications.

“Using Globalpark has given us a prime opportunity to fully connect with our internal audience, helping us understand the wishes and needs of our employees and giving us direction on important internal topics such as workplace performance, health and leadership” says Roland Kuntze, O2’s vice president of corporate communications.

O2 has already used the Globalpark platform to gather employee feedback on a range of issues, including workplace performance, the results of which helped to develop conditions and processes linked to O2 workplaces; and media usage, evaluating the use of corporate media, including intranet, newsletter and internal company magazine, by O2 employees.