O2 Selects NSN for Network Update Task

O2 UK has selected Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) to modernize the operator’s radio network, expanding capacity, coverage and performance. The deal means that NSN will provide approximately two-thirds of O2’s 3G access network in the UK, covering the south of England. NSN is currently the sole vendor for O2’s nationwide GSM network.

“Smartphone users want to stay connected to the network all the time, and are increasingly demanding high-speed data services,” says O2 UK CTO, Nigel Purdy. “Nokia Siemens Networks fully understands our requirements to fulfill the expectations of our smartphone customers. We have a long-standing relationship with the company and based on its past track record, we rely on its expertise in expanding and modernizing our 3G network to deliver the best possible experience to our customers.”

Under the contract, Nokia Siemens Networks is supplying its energy-efficient, LTE-ready, cost-saving Flexi Multiradio Base Station, the latest Radio Network Controller and its network management system NetAct for efficient configuration, optimizing and monitoring of the network. The deal also covers network implementation, project management, advanced technical support and consultancy services to ensure rapid network deployment for O2 during 2011.

NSN is also providing Serve atOnce Traffica, which continuously monitors service quality. The company says this real-time capability will help O2 monitor and respond to its network intelligently to ensure that it continues to deliver the best possible service for its customers.