O2 Takes Broadband Mobile

O2 UK has announced the launch of a Mobile Broadband service, offering 3GB of data per month for 20, plus free access to 7,500 wi-fi hotspots on The Cloud, UK-wide network. O2s mobile broadband modem is a plug & play USB memory stick dongle. Customers can choose to take out an 18-month price plan for 20 a month with a USB Modem included free of charge, or pay 20 a month for a rolling one-month package plus the one-off cost of the USB Modem at 119.99.  The service launches on 1 May.
O2 Mobile Broadband will automatically connect customers to the fastest network available – GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSDPA, or via the 7,500 Wi-Fi hotspots available through The Cloud. A colour-coded LED panel on the USM modem indicates which network is being used. Customers also have the ability to search for new wi-fi hotspots using O2 Connection Managers Hotspot Directory, which is updated regularly to acknowledge new locations.
Broadband speeds of up to 1.8 megabits per second will be standard across the whole O2 network. From June, O2 will begin increasing this to up to 3.6 megabits per second across the network. Further speed increases will follow in line with technology evolution.
We are confident our broadband services complete a great communication experience for our customers, however they want to connect to the Internet, whether thats at home, on their mobile phone or laptop, said O2 UK Marketing Director, Sally Cowdry. Our O2 Mobile Broadband product exclusively allows O2 customers to access the Internet wherever and whenever they want, with clear and predictable pricing.
Customers can purchase O2 Mobile Broadband online, in any O2 retail store or by calling O2 customer service on 08705 214000.