O2 to Bring AT&T's Smart Home Platform to UK Consumers

Tim Maytom

O2-Home-Diagram-Final-01O2 has announced that it is working with US network provider AT&T and IoT company Tado to bring the AT&T's Digital Life smart home management and automation platform to the UK later this year, making it the first in Europe to offer the solution commercially.

"Across a range of sectors, we've already seen technology evolve from analogue to digital to smart," said David Plumb, digital director at O2. "But when it comes to our homes, the experience is mostly stuck in analogue.

"At O2 we are building an ecosystem that will deliver a complete smart home experience. By teaming up with the very best device, platform and service providers, we will be able to give people the smartest tech for their homes."

O2's collaboration with AT&T will include Tado's smart heating controls, and the company is seeking additional partners in a variety of IoT areas. According to the company, the platform will also integrate old and new devices around the home, and enable users to manage their home from their smartphone, tablet or computer. O2's involvement will enable existing customers to make use of the firm's O2 Gurus along with installation experts when they introduce smart technology to their homes.

"O2's interest after our trial with Telefonica shows that Digital Life's platform is a great fit for European markets such as the UK," said Kevin Peterson, president of AT&T Digital Life. "Digital Life's platform is an end-to-end solution that pulls a variety of devices and capabilities into a single experience that allows consumers to see through the noise and manage the system through a single app."