O2 wi-fi arrives at popular UK tourist attraction, the London Eye, in world first

London EyeTelefonica-owned O2 has introduced the ‘world’s first free, high density wi-fi network on a continually moving structure’ in making its wi-fi permanently available on one of the UK’s most popular attractions, the Coca-Cola sponsored London Eye.

The Eye’s 32 newly-connected capsules will enable visitors from all countries and on all mobile networks to access connection to the internet while on the Merlin Entertainments-owned giant Ferris wheel. The wi-fi connectivity has been placed on the Eye through 16 fixed access points, without fixed cables or satellite technology.

“We’re delighted to help Merlin Entertainments take their customers’ experiences to new heights,” said Robert Franks, director of digital at O2. “Our innovative, high density O2 wi-fi solution is a world-first, offering seamless connectivity for customers throughout the iconic London Eye adventure. So, whether it’s sharing a selfie, posting a photo of the stunning skyline or finding information about London attractions, visitors will be able to do this seamlessly and for free as they go around.”

To access O2’s wi-fi service, visitors to the Eye have to register using their mobile number, while O2 customers connect automatically.

“We are delighted that this project has enabled us to further add to the London Eye customer experience alongside our 4D Cinema Experience and interactive Samsung Galaxy Tab in-capsule guides that are already included free of charge for every ticket holder,” said Sunny Jouhal, general manager of the Coca-Cola London Eye.