ObjectWave Offers GPS Running Race Tracker

ObjectWave has announced On The Run – a white-label smartphone app designed for organisations that host marathons, races and walks. 

The idea is that organisations can track the participants in the race using real-time GPS features, and the app can also connect the user to their music library on their phone to listen to while they run or walk the race. 

Integration with SMS text messages, Facebook, and Twitter allow friends, family, and other supporters to watch the race progress as it happens.

On the Run was first designed and developed for Independence Blue Crosss recently launched Healthy Steps application. The app was used at an event in May, and also incorporated training features that helped participants get ready for the event. 

“We are working hard to provide tools, products and services that will enhance our members lives,” says John Janney, senior vice president of marketing services at Independence Blue Cross. “We are proud to introduce our first mobile app, the IBX Healthy Steps Pedometer, an easy-to-use, innovative workout tool. There are mobile apps for almost everything consumers do – health care and wellness are no exception since they are key elements to enjoying life.”

Sam Cinquegrani, CEO, ObjectWave Corporation says: “Applications like Independence Blue Cross Healthy Steps, is an example of how a device like a smartphone can assist people to stay healthy, be motivated to exercise, and stay connected to their families and friends.”

The apps are available for iOS and Android developers.