Ocado Retail offers advertisers access to consented customer data

Online supermarket, Ocado Retail, has announced a partnership with The Trade Desk that will enable advertisers to attribute customer sales to their ad campaigns across the open internet. Ocado is the first grocer in the UK to give direct access to its customer behaviour data, enabling marketers to optimise their audiences and attribute campaigns through The Trade Desk.

Ocado will provide advertisers with access to consented shopper data and insights. Ocado suppliers and The Trade Desk’s clients will then be able to leverage Ocado’s first-party audiences to precisely reach in-market shoppers and drive key marketing objectives, such as customer acquisition to build brand loyalty over time.

Furthermore, targeted campaigns can be optimised using Ocado data to close the loop between ad spend and sales. The Trade Desk said the partnership will make it easier for brands to reach the right audience across the open internet and beyond, including the fast-growing channels such as connected TV and digital out-of-home, rather than simply running campaigns on retailer-owned inventory.

“As the world’s largest dedicated online supermarket, we’re delighted to be the first UK grocer to offer these unparalleled data-matching opportunities,” said Ben O’Mahoney, Adtech and Data Partnerships Lead at Ocado Retail. “Our partnership with The Trade Desk will help marketers better target and connect with customers in real-time with actionable insights, and we’re excited to be pioneering this new approach in the industry.”