Oculus Launches Mobile Optimisation Service

Oculus, a UK-based marketing and brand communications agency, has launched a service to optimise its customers websites so they can be easily viewed and used by people accessing the web from a mobile device.
The company notes that the mobile web is taking off in the UK. Nielsen Mobile estimates that 7.2 million Britons used their mobile phone to access the Internet in the third quarter of 2008. Research conducted by Orange among 2,000 UK mobile media users in March 2009 revealed that most of these users want to be able to view content that is made for mobile, rather than trying to navigate content that is adapted from other media.
The Oculus service combines consultancy with professional web design and development, and promises to optimise an organisations online presence for mobile viewing and fine-tune any web-based applications to ensure an ideal mobile user experience.
The mobile web presents huge opportunities for businesses and the public sector, says Dr Adrian Garcia-Sierra, Head of Digital Strategy at Oculus. Smartphone users look to the web for information and to catch up on news and entertainment while in transit. But its crucial that websites are tailored for the very different circumstances of accessing the web on the move. Users with slower connections, small screens and not much time dont want to read an entire website they want the ability to search easily and quickly for products, services, news or events.
The resulting fine-tuned website will detect the mobile device being used and give the user the option of choosing to visit the organisations main website or the optimised website. On choosing the mobile-optimised option, the user will be taken to a website that preserves the organisations brand values and offers a clean user interface, focused content, navigation options and functionality, all tailored to the needs of the mobile user and to the characteristics of the device being used.
Oculuss mobile optimisation service is available immediately. Initial consultation is free of charge, with subsequent pricing tailored to the individual project. Theres more information here.